Care Bears – Unlock The Magic

Dudes it’s come to my attention that starting February 1st THERE IS A NEW CARE BEAR CARTOON AIRING! On one hand, we’ve got the LET IT GO crowed when it comes to remakes. Me I’m the one who adored the Adventures In Care-A-Lot cartoon from 2008. Fast forward to last month when the new images of the show started popping up. It can’t go unmentioned that it looks like Stevens Universe adopted the bears. In truth, I think they are sweet looking. That aside the voice casting is HORRENDOUS. Bedtime’s voice is so deep it’s distracting and Tenderheart and Grumpy seem to have the same voice artist.

I’ll wait to give it a full review until it airs in Februrary. Until then it sits at about three grilled cheese for me.